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Hi friends!


My name is Elizabeth Crank but all of my friends call me Liz. I'm the proud owner of Pure Skin + Lashes. I have a passion for natural skin care and eyelash enhancements. My love for skin care began when I was 9 years old sneaking into my Mom's Mary Kay! I've worked in all types of skin care clinics and spas and have learned from the best. Fast forward to today, and now I'm living my dream of having my own Studio!


Eyelash extensions require an incredible amount of skill, attention to detail and a gentle touch. I value the trust my clients have in me and my ability to enhance their natural beauty whether through eyelash enhancements or skin care services.   

I strive to make your visit to the Pure Skin and Lashes studio a comfortable, pampering, and relaxing experience. My goal is that from the minute you walk through the doors of the studio, you can be at ease and relaxed. Snuggle into the heated bed and let the stresses of everyday fade away!  From the music we listen to, to how much we talk...or don't talk if you need a little nap... it's up to you!

I am so blessed to be able to pass my love of skin care and eyelash enhancements to my beautiful clients and allow them to feel good in their own skin!

"Be good to your skin. You'll wear it everyday for the rest of your life."



Classic Full Set

Classic Fill-in (2 weeks)

Classic Fill-in (3 weeks)

Classic Lash Pass

Hybrid Full Set

Hybrid Fill-in (2 weeks)

Hybrid Fill-in (3 weeks)

Hybrid Lash Pass

Ultra Dark Full Set

Ultra Dark Fill-in (2 weeks)

Ultra Dark Fill-in (3 weeks)

Ultra Dark Lash Pass

Glamour Full Set

Glamour Fill-in (2 weeks)

Glamour Fill-in (3 weeks)

Glamour Lash Pass

Event Lashes (5 day wear)

Lift and Tint

Brow Laminating






















Pure Skin Facial

Facial with Dermaplanning

Deep Cleansing Facial

Teen Facial

Collagen Mask Add-On

Chemical Peel Add-On











Half Arm

Full Arm







Lash Pass

Our LASH PASS is a great way to save & keep your lashes looking amazing!


  • Two fills per month - scheduled every 2 weeks

  • One Eyebrow Wax per month - $18 value!

  • 10% off any other services including facials and waxing

  • Upgrade your fill for only $10

Classic Lash Pass - $130/month

Hybrid Lash Pass - $150/month

Ultra Dark Lash Pass - $170/month

Glamour Lash Pass - $190/month


Our Pure Skin Pass is designed for those who want to invest in the health of their skin, and save in the process! 


  • One Pure Skin Facial per month

  • Includes any TWO upgrades at no additional cost. We will select the upgrades based on your skin goals and needs:

    • Dermaplaning​

    • Chemical Peel

    • Ultrasonic Deep Cleanse

    • Enzyme Peel

    • High Frequency Treatment

    • Collagen Therapy

    • Acne Treatment

    • Eyebrow Wax

  • 10% off any other services including lashes and waxing

  • All other upgrades are 20% off

Pure Skin Pass




Are you ready to take your lash game to the next level? Our DIY LASH EXTENSION KITS will give you all the glamour without a trip to the studio.

  • Vegan - Cruelty free - Eco-friendly packaging

  • Comfortable all day wear - they are super light weight

  • Small flexible bonding strip

  • Each set can be used up 10+ times

  • There are 6 FULL SETS per tray, plus an additional full set of minis.

  • Minis can be used for an ultra natural look, or added to a mascara look to create more drama and texture.

  • Each tray (if cared for properly) can get 60+ wears, making each wear cost as little as 66¢

  • These can stay on for multiple days, however we recommend removing them nightly.

  • Can be placed on top or underneath the lash line.

Available in two style options:

  • DIY Natural: The most versatile lash option and the best place to start if you're not sure what you want.

    • Density: Low​

    • Length: Low

  • DIY Moderate Open Eye: Ideal for those who choose length over density and want a bigger and brighter eye look.​

    • Density: Low​

    • Length: High

image_6483441 (2).JPG

Enhance your natural eyelashes with a variety of customized treatments based on your desired look. I offer a range of high quality synthetic lashes as well as options to enhance your natural lash.


Customized facials for every skin type and skin concern. We offer plant-based products with pure ingredients to allow your natural beauty to radiate through. Advanced skin care services such as Dermaplaning and Chemial Peels available.


 Hair removal services with our

professional and highly skilled esthetician.


A gift to Pure Skin + Lashes is a gift of  refreshing self-care and relaxation. Makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift for Bridal Showers, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays and...

just because she deserves it!

Lash Images

Brow Lamination



Please honor your reservations. If you must cancel or reschedule, please do so at least 24 hours before your appointment time to avoid a cancellation fee. If you fail to provide 24 hour notice, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of your original appointment cost.


You will be charged the full price of the pass at your first fill of the month. It is recommended you schedule your second fill at the time of your first fill to ensure appointment availability within your 2 week allotment. Each fill MUST be done within 2 weeks of the previous fill. If you are unable to schedule within two weeks, you will be responsible for the difference in pricing between the 2 week and 3 week fill at regular pricing! If you would like to upgrade your package (example: go from classic to hyrbrid) you may do so for $10 per fill. This is a great option for those special events you want to turn up the volume for!

 Eyebrow waxing can be scheduled anytime during your pass month.

 10% off any regularly priced facial or waxing during your pass month.

Lash Pass discounts cannot combine with other offers or discounts.


You will be charged the full price of the pass at your first treatment of the month. Both upgrades must be completed during your first facial unless otherwise discussed and approved before. Pure Skin Pass discounts cannot combine with other offers of discounts.




7577 Central Parke Blvd.

Suite 217

Mason, Ohio 45040

Tel: 513-445-8434

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